Many Disorders with Obesity

Exercise is very important for getting rid of obesity, and low diet is also necessary. Many obese people still ask for lean medicine, but do not think about changing their dietary habits and exercising. There are, but happy women keep eating and drinking in the house.

Causes of Obesity

The causes of obesity include cardiovascular problems, hypertension, and diabetes in particular. Obese people usually have a significant lack of health care, as well. , Especially in those with reduced strength. There is no necessary link between physical, physical flexibility, and body movements.

There are some useful things to keep in mind for good health and obesity, such as accurate and optimal weight loss rates should be 250 grams to 500 grams per week. In light of this, the newspaper claims to lose weight in hours. ۔

They are completely washed out and often carried with urine. This cargo is eliminated, but the Fat is left in the jaw, but often due to severe water shortages. Weight loss through proper diet and regular exercise should be reduced. A proper diet is a 10 to 30 percent reduction in the daily diet, but it is also important to eat a balanced diet, in which the proportion of starchy (carbohydrate) foods is 65%, fat intake is 20%, and proteins (15%).

Steps don’t go well

There is no fluency and coordination between walking, work, and getting up. Besides, they also have emotional problems due to their gossip and extraordinary deal. The best way to test for obesity is to estimate the percentage of fat in the body’s total weight. An average man and woman should not have more than 20 and 25 percent fat. Good athletes and those who work hard do not have more than 10 and 15 percent body fat.

A straightforward and simple rule is to remember the weight you had when you were fit, energized, and fit. To keep yourself healthy and fit, try to bring your weight to the same level and maintain it throughout your life. Most people between 20 and 30 years of age are perfectly fit and healthy as if they were well-balanced at this age. Some people fit perfectly from the age of 16 to 20 years. They should bring their weight to the same level and then maintain it at that level throughout their life. These types of people are called evergreens.

How to Measure Obesity

An easy way to measure or estimate obesity is to pinch your waistline with the thumb and index finger. If the Fat in a pinch is more than 3 cm, you are as thick as your limit.

Obesity is also assessed by the height and weight chart, but it is not a sure measure, because the weight of a well-nourished and muscular athlete can be greater because of its solid flesh, but if its Fat is less than 20% and should not be considered fat if its weight is due to its well-formed muscles. Its weight is a muscle, not fat, and muscle is a treasure trove of health.


Aerobic exercises, such as walking, cycling, speeding, swimming, football, volleyball, basketball, squash, and tennis, are very effective and useful sports. These exercises reduce weight, physical strength, fitness, and fitness—also increases. Beauty benefits, such as sitting down, flexing or twisting the body in different ways, touching the toes, produce a lot of energy, but because they cost less energy, they do not reduce Fat.

Be careful

If you are unsatisfied, do not do the rigorous exercises. Take more precautions if you are iller. When you are perfectly healthy, restart your exercise program according to your energy. Over-zealous and self-confident. Avoid strenuous exercise at work. It is very important to take care of the nature and severity of the disease, but also to consult a physician is the right and proper way to take health care.

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